Did the Easy/Easier Zombies Invade an Apple Store?

As I've mentioned in the past...my buds down the hall in the Forefront team have one killer (no pun intended) advertising campaign in effect that features a number of different comedic ways to deal with potential office attackers.  If you've visited http://www.easyeasier.com, you've likely noticed that one of the groups of attackers featured are zombies. 

Well, I was just browsing through one of your humble blogger's feature techienerd web sites (Engadet) and it linked a story/blog posting from C|NET News to its home page about how "Brain-eating zombies invade SF Apple store."

Wonder if these zombies were thwarted by Windows users using techniques featured on in the Forefront advert, and then turned their attention to Macs? 

Who knows? 

I thought it was just a good laugh for a Saturday morning.

-- hama 

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