Summer Reading List for Windows Server 2008

Just a week after we unveiled the official product name for what was once called Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn", one of our loyal MVPs published a book on Windows Server 2008:

Mitch Tulloch has been working on this book with the gang over here on the Server team for many months and it's now ready for pre-ordering

Here's what Mitch said about the interaction with the WinServer product team:

"I had the privilege (the very, very intense privilege sometimes) of working closely with almost one hundred members of the Windows Server product team to ensure we "got it right" as far as the technical details of Windows Server 2008 are concerned in this book. These experts—and nobody knows Windows Server 2008 better than the team that developed it—contributed almost 100 "From the Experts" sidebars to my book on various aspects of deploying, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting Windows Server 2008. The product team also thoroughly reviewed everything I wrote to ensure as much as possible that all the book's content will be as technically accurate as possible, not only as of Beta 3 but also for RTM."

Here's the list of major topics covered (with key ones highlighted):

  • Introduction
  • Usage Scenarios
  • Windows Server Virtualization
  • Managing Windows Server 2008
  • Managing Server Roles
  • Windows Server Core
  • Active Directory Enhancements
  • Terminal Services Enhancements
  • Clustering Enhancements
  • Implementing Network Access Protection
  • Internet Information Services 7.0
  • Other Features and Enhancements
  • Deploying Windows Server 2008
  • Additional Resources

I'd recommend submitting your order today.  Hey, what a great thing to do while you're waiting for your copy of beta 3 to download!

-- hama

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