That’s Right…You’re In Control!

This ain't no joke. 

It's the global launch of Forefront and System Center, and it's a little less than two weeks away.


You don't already have your calendars marked for May 2nd? 

You haven't booked your flight to the land of 90210

Well, here's your chance to not only experience the shock and awe of a large Microsoft launch, you also get a chance to see yours truly live and in action.

"Are you keynoting?" 
Er, no.

"Do you have a session?" 
Not really...well...actually no.

"Are you parking cars?" 
Come on, let's be serious!

"What the @#$% are you doing there then?"
I'm glad you asked! 

Me and me colleague Amith Krishnan (product manager for NAP) will be manning a booth in the solutions showcase that demos Network Access Protection working with some of the very Forefront and System Center technologies being featured this upcoming May 2nd at the Beverly Hilton in LA-LA land Los Angeles. 

You can learn more about this launch event (including the details around the chance to receive free software* valued at over $3000, including Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition and other Microsoft infrastructure software [NOTE: You can also learn more about what disclaimer that asterisk (aka '*') next to "free software" means]) by visiting the "You're In Control" Internetter-site at

"That's great and all Hameroff, but I live in Singapore and I just can't fly to LA just because you said there is a chance for $3,000 in free software (while supplies last and limited one gift per person) and possibly popcorn!"
I dig it.  You also have a nice list of regional launch events happening in and around the same time.  Check out to learn more about the one that's closest to you.

Well, if the allure of meeting me in person (I'll even sign your free software* gift!) doesn't tip the scales for you, at least check out the great stuff around Forefront Client Security and the latest in System Center products. There's some trial software you can download and kick the tires for yourself today! 

Heck, have your own "You're in Control" launch event. 

My schedule is fairly flexible, so let me know if you need me to work your solutions showcase. 

I'll even bring the popcorn.

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay, that was a little bit sensational, if not an outright fib. What’s no joke is a newly published

  2. Anonymous says:

    May. What a crazy month! What is it that they say? "May comes in with a joint launch for Forefront and

  3. Ian Hameroff says:

    I don’t think the final software set has been decided, but I’ll check with my friends down the hall to see if they have any details I can share publicly.

  4. ldidtel says:

    does the free software include Windows Longhron Server?

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