RSA 2007 Day 4 (Part 1) – Half-Time

Well, we've made it to the half.  Last night was a ton of fun; especially since I had the opportunity to catch up with a bunch of industry and media friends.  It all started with a short stop by the RSA "007" party in the XYZ bar at the W San Fran.  From there it was off to the Cartoon Museum around the corner for the Microsoft Press Party.  There I got caught up with folks like Eric Ogren from ESG, Paul Roberts from InfoWorld, Rob Guth of the WSJ, and met some new folks like Sara Peters from CSI and a colleagues of Paul's, Neil McAllister.  Later in the evening, I finally had a chance to synch-up with the likes of Dennis Fisher of TechTarget. 

How's that for name dropping, eh?

Anyhow, the morning's been busy and now I'm getting some work done at the hotel, as well as prepping for my next theater presentation on the networking security advances in Longhorn Server.

Hey, how about that pick-up of the evolution of networking in the press?  I was able to scan a few articles and thought you'd be interested in them:

  • Microsoft's Gates Expounds the Virtues of IPSec [sic], IPv6:
    "The duo held out two Internet standards -- IPSec and the next generation of the Internet Protocol, IPv6 -- as key technologies that will enable the granular, policy-based security environments needed to support customers' evolving security needs."

  • Bill Gates Publicly Passes the Microsoft Security Torch to Mundie:
    "In his final keynote at an RSA conference, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates Tuesday spoke in prescriptive terms about the need to build security into systems and better take advantage of existing technologies, including the IPSec protocol for supporting the secure exchange of packets at the IP layer and the emerging IPv6 standard, which boosts the number of hosts that can be connected via the Internet as well as overall data throughput."

  • Gates: Security challenges to grow despite Vista:
    "Microsoft is pitching IP version 6, the next generation of the internet protocol, and IPSec, a suite of protocols for securing IP communications, as part of the solution. Windows Vista has IPv6 built in, as does the upcoming Windows Server Longhorn release, which also supports IPSec."

  • Microsoft Lays Out Its Security Vision:
    "Mr. Gates evoked IPv6, the next generation of Internet Protocol, and IP/SEC, software that enables very specific control over who accesses what kind of information when."

Here's a link to my Live Search News search for more articles.

Time to switch gears and head down to the show.  More to come in Part 2.

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