RSA 2007 Day 2 – Opening Day

It was great to watch the Colts win the Super Bowl last night.  A bunch of us 'softies headed over to Jillian's in in the Metreon,  and had a great time taking in the big game. None of us won the raffle for cheesy Budweiser swag, which included a really cheap looking mountain bike.  At least the donation went to charity.

The Super Bowl did make for a bit of a slow morning today, but luckily it was a pretty smooth transition from the pre-RSA setup to the opening ceremonies at 6p. 

Here's a shot of what my Policy-driven Network Access Solutions pod looked like at 10a


It wasn't in terrible shape.  The PC booted up, running Windows Vista with VPC 2007 pre-loaded, the signs were correct, and my collateral made it in. I easily loaded our new Server and Domain Isolation demo kit (see below) and pod #1 staff met at 1p to do some demo dry-runs and prep for the rest of the week of expo floor goodness.

By 6p, the show floor was open and attendees and vendors alike started the week long process of searching for swag and old colleagues.  Oh yeah, they also started asking questions about NAP, Server and Domain Isolation, Forefront, etc. Here's the same demo pod in action, featuring two Microsoft networking gurus (Jamie Peebles and Manjnath Ajjampur):

With the short opening act of RSA, I was only able to do a short tour around the show floor.  Most of that time was spent around my pod at the MS booth, chatting with former MS and CA colleagues, and numerous cell phone calls.  I was feeling quite popular. 

One thing that did catch my eye was this apparent "viral" networking scheme from Fortify Software.

Called "Discover Hackistan" the effort includes a faux website that features a free glorious poster, Hackistan's flag, blah blah, and some folks dressed up in funny looking "Hackistan" gear, yelling at RSA passerby's the "in my country everybody knows your password".  Good thing...if I ever forget it, this could be better than calling the help desk for reset!

I guess it worked, since I am blogging about.  Tomorrow, after the keynotes and some sessions, I'll even go to the Fortify Software booth and learn about what they actually do.

Well, time to hit the hay for tomorrow's early start and Bill Gates and Craig Mundie's keynote, among others.  I also have my first Microsoft Theater presentation tomorrow at 5p  Don't forget to come by and say hello!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes. I agree that it took us long enough to get this thing posted since I first mentioned it back in

  2. Anonymous says:

    Greetings from sunny (and humid) Orlando, Florida ! This year’s TechEd confab takes place in the somewhat

  3. Andrea Butter says:


    if the booth caught your eye, you’ll get a chuckle out of the website for sure!


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