"I Left My Security Conference in San Francisco…"

I fully recognize how cheesy this post's title is.  And, as a big fan of Tony Bennett, I also realize that I'm butchering one of his most beloved and well know classics. Finally, considering the posting I did the weeks prior to last year's shindig in San Jose, this will likely be received as a marked improvement.

Enough of the funny stuff.

RSA (that's the conference) Conference 2007 is a little over a week away in San Fran.  I'm really excited by the fact they have moved the show back to "Fog City" because I am not a big fan of the concrete jungle of San Jose.  Sorry San Jose. 

I also have high hopes that the conference will have much improved session content versus last year's edition. Last year, the only sessions that had some value were the two IPv6 entries in the government track.  Granted, Mudge did attempt to deliver a "hackers" version of the infamous "The Aristocrats" joke -- never completed due to concerns about the session recording.  That experience was mildly disturbing, and actually wasn't that funny.  So, it's all looking up for the sessions at '07.

To be fair, I've been to a bunch of these shows, and even had the opportunity to keynote the one in Tokyo (you remember that right?) back when I was with CA. I've had a lot of fun at RSA's past, especially since it is one time of the year I get to reconnect with a bunch of friends from around the industry.

What's also neat is I have been helping the crew get Bill and Craig ready for their show penning keynote. Can't say too much now, but hope you'll tune in to the webcast if you can't make the event in person.

Lastly, we're showing off a bunch of our policy-driven network access solutions like Server and Domain Isolation and NAP.  NAP is going to have a pretty significant showing at the event. Be sure to checkout the partner pavilion if you want to see some really cool things.

There will be more to report as we get closer and during the event, so stick around.


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