Seeing Client Security in Three Dimensions a Second Time

Does that then make it six dimensional then?  Moving on: my partner in crime -- Ryan McGee -- and I delivered another webcast on the I've blogged about before:

In an effort to save electronics, here's a quick snapshot of the overview:

In this webcast, we explore how Microsoft delivers layered, integrated protection that helps IT professionals protect their client applications against a broad range of threats while simplifying administration and integration into existing infrastructure. Join us to see how the Windows Vista operating system, Microsoft Forefront Client Security, and server and domain isolation solutions work together to help you protect your client applications from a broad range of threats.

Believe it or not, we actually covered all of that <g>  In all seriousness, it was a very well received 'cast (garnering great viewer feedback like "Great webcast" </end_shameless_self_promotion>) and worth watching even if you saw the  or the replay.  The demo has been updated to reflect the latest Forefront Client Security bits, and you can actually see the screens in the replay because I bumped up the resolution during the LiveMeeting.

Enjoy the show!


Meanwhile, we're on to our third "snow storm" here in the Puget Sound.  Thank goodness for remote access, because the last two storms I stayed hold up in the home office.  This time, I made it in: 

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