WS08 RC1!

Yup. It went live today. More details here: Microsoft and Industry Partners Gear Up for Biggest Enterprise Launch Wave in the Company’s History Check it out!  — hama


Test Drive Server and Domain Isolation!

Yes. I agree that it took us long enough to get this thing posted since I first mentioned it back in February.  Nevertheless, you can now download the kick ass Server and Domain Isolation demo/lab that Microsoft MVP and Virtualization and Security Guru Ronald Beekelaar built for us: Server and Domain Isolation Demo This kit…


Help Free Your Buddy This Thanksgiving! (Cool Game)

Some US leaders may choose to pardon a turkey as their way of “giving thanks” ahead of the once yearly food feast known as Thanksgiving. Well, as mere citizens we may not be able to flex such presidential powers ourselves, but you can have some fun helping to Free Your Buddy before the turkey and stuffing is served!  This is a pretty neat…


Broadcom Takes IPsec to Task (Offload That Is)!

Our friends over at  Broadcom announced on Tuesday (November 6th) a new super cool, 65nm Gigabit Ethernet controller that will incorporate support for Window Vista’s IPsec Task Offload functionality! As my boss’ boss said in the press release: “Thanks to Broadcom’s inclusion of IPsec task offload support, our mutual customers will have even greater flexibility…


Now You Can Receive Me In Stereo!

As an FYI, I’m now also blogging on the recently launched Forefront Team Blog on another part of the TechNet blog-o-sphere-o-rama.  I posted one that’s very relevant to the networking and network security themes of this blog, and thought it would be worth a quasi-cost post plug here: Happy Birthday Windows Networking! Enjoy! – hama


Fun with Singapore Lift…er…Elevator Security

It is my last full day in South East Asia, and I’m working from the Microsoft Singapore office down on Marina Boulevard.  There’s a great view from the cube I’m squatting in during my two day stay.  From the 19th floor, I can just about see the famous Singapore Merlion statue located down at Marina Bay. …


Greetings from the Future (Or, At Least GMT+8)

It’s the Saturday following my week here in Kuala Lumpur (aka KL) and TechEd 2007 SEA (aka South East Asia).  The week was a good time, and it was great to connect with the local ‘softies, MVPs, partners, and of course, the regional customers. I delivered two sessions, both basically repeats of my sessions at…


Windows File Serving: Now with More Scalability

Okay, okay.  It’s been a long while.  I have no excuses. Well, at least good excuses. I was on vacation last week.  Then there was the ramp-up to the vacation the weeks before. Before that there was this really good TV show on. My dog ate my Internet? No? Moving on: It’s T-minus one day…


Intel I/OAT w/ WS08 @ 1/10 GigE + More Stuff

I’m back (er, yet again) from another blogging hiatus, and figured I’d share with you a little news around what we’re doing in Windows Server 2008 with regards to Scalable Networking.  Here’s the news: our pals over at Intel recently launched a bunch of new Ethernet controllers that will “facilitate high traffic flow and optimize…


Only 232 More Shopping Days Until the 2008 Global Launch Wave!

Well, I’m back from my blogging hiatus post-TechEd, etc.  I only hope my loyal readers haven’t found more interesting things in the far reaches of the Internetterweb to fill the void I have left over the last few months. I know things like Live Earth and the video of Michael Moore taking CNN’s Wolf Blitzer…