Webcasting a 3D Security Solution

Okay, so did your humble blogger fall down some digital mine shaft?  What could possibly explain the long delay between postings.  Well, I've got a litany of excuses...er...reasons.  Perhaps the most relevant one involves the new laptop I ordered and recently received (dead on arrival).  I'm not going to mention any names (especially since the laptop has been repaired and does kick some major butt -- love that Core 2 Duo), but I must admit the process of getting this "problem" resolved resulted in more time on the phone than in front of .

Enough of my complaining...what I really wanted to write about was the webcast my buddy Ryan McGee (Sr. Product Manager in the Security and Access Product Marketing group, like me) and I delivered on Tuesday about the "".  As you'll likely recall, this is part of our recently launched "secure client" solution that you can learn more about by visiting the following MSCOM link:


The webcast -- entitled "" -- features both a 30 minute presentation on the solution and about a 25 minute live demo of all three dimensions (Windows Vista, , and ).  I encourage to check it out since, and I don't mean toot my own horn, the eval scores looks great.  One satisfied viewer even commented it was "simply great".  See for yourself <g>

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does that then make it six dimensional then? Moving on: my partner in crime — Ryan McGee — and I delivered

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