Simplifying Client Security Without Sacrificing Protection

Following on to my posting from yesterday, the fine folks over in TechNet have published a Security Viewpoint article I wrote about our new "security client" solution offering. 

Entitled Simplifying Client Security Without Sacrificing Protection, the article focuses on the three elements of the solution, and how they help reduce the risk of not only network-borne threats, but the risk of increased complexity when attempting to manage several separate security products while applying a defense-in-depth approach to client protection.

Here's a quick preview of the article:

It’s a common challenge faced by IT professionals today: how to mitigate the risk of a growing number of network-born threats without creating a management nightmare. Windows administrators have no shortage of tools to help combat malware, unwanted software, Denial of Service attacks, and other related threats. However, managing these various security products, especially when deployed together, can create a different kind of risk: complexity. Striking the right balance of protection and manageability is not only important; it can ultimately become the lynchpin of a successful, layered security model.

Give it a read and let me know what you think!

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