Securing Wireless: An Impossible Dream? — Info on a Great Upcoming Webcast

Wireless networking is such a fickle beast, ain't it?  Everybody wants it and yet many organizations find it too challenging to deploy it with the same level of confidence as wired Ethernet. 


It can be tough to manage access and to keep secured. 

For many, it's a heck of lot easier to manage and secure a length of copper wire than a radio wave.  And, to be fair, there haven't been a lot of options available that instilled confidence with those with their butts on the line to keep the corporate network safe. 

There is good news: wireless protocols are starting to mature (e.g. WPA2 is a great example).  These improvements have not solely focused on increasing broadcast distances and available bandwidth.  WPA2 and others offer additional options for connection security and authentication. 

At same there are options built into Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that you may not even know about.  The key components include Windows' 802.1X supplicant and the Internet Authenication Service (IAS)  The former being built into XP (and Windows Vista) with the latter being the Microsoft implementation of RADIUS.

Using these ingredients, with a dash of Windows Server Certificate Server, Microsoft has rolled out a huge, production wireless LAN across just about every MS office building, world-wide. Take a look at this great Microsoft IT Showcase article for details:

Improving the Wireless Network Infrastructure at Microsoft

Still hungry for more?  Then you should check out this upcoming IT Pro webcast:

Secure Wireless LAN Solution Webcast: Microsoft's Authentication Infrastructure with Aruba Networks' Mobile Edge

The webcast will be broadcasted live on Wednesday, August 16th and available for on-demand replay shortly after that. 

Lastly, I suggest reviewing these whitepapers on what we're doing to make this experience even better in Windows Vista and Windows Server "Longhorn".

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