What, Doesn’t Everyone Know About Server and Domain Isolation?

I just had a great email exchange with Jesper Johansson about Server and Domain Isolation and realized that although we've done a lot work over the last 6 to 8 months to raise awareness, we still have a bit of a ways to go.

So, I figured it was worthwhile to point out a couple, relatively new resources you have at your avail:

  • A Microsoft TechNet site dedicated to Server and Domain Isolation is located at http://www.microsoft.com/sdisolation

  • A newly published overview (in the form of a datasheet) that captures the high-level "what is it" and "why should I care" bits

You can also catch a great session on Server and Domain Isolation at the upcoming TechEd 2006 in Boston, MA.  One of our top experts, Gene Ferioli will be doing a 300 level session on how to deploy this great solution for its long list of benefits, but also as preparation for NAP.

Okay, I'm glad I got that off my chest...time to get back to the preparations around releasing the Scalable Networking Pack later this year!

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