Another Server and Domain Isolation Success

We've been really busy these driving deployments of Server and Domain Isolation (using IPsec and Active Directory).  Not much of an excuse for letting my blog go a bit stale, but nonetheless it is exciting to offer up a brand new customer case study that outlines the real-world benefits this approach can provide.

This story is about the Universidade de Vila Velha (UVV) in Brazil and here's a link to the case study:

University Uses Existing Windows Investments to Tighten Network Security and Management

One of the awesome aspects of the story is the fact they deployed Server and Domain Isolation to 1,000 desktops and 30 servers in just two days!  They had to make the most of the Christmas break to address their big operational challenge: consolidate two separate, costly physical networks into one without sacrificing security in the process.

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    Ian has posted about a University in Brazil that has successfully deployed IPsec based network isolation…

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