Support-Tip (Connectors): Creating SharePoint Profile Store Management Agent

FOCUSED PRODUCT / PRODUCT(S) USED FOR BLOG Here is the list of products, build versions that I utilized for this blog write up! Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 (4.4.1302.0) SharePoint Management Agent for FIM/MIM (4.3.2430.0) [Download] Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Single Server Farm – User Profile Service BLOG PURPOSE: My focus here is… Read more

[SUPPORT TROUBLESHOOTING] Duplicated Contact Objects

All! Hello again! Tim Macaulay here, SR. Support Escalation Engineer with the Microsoft Identity Support Team here at Microsoft. Today, I would like to discuss a topic that we see a lot in support dealing with a Global Address List Synchronization (GalSync) solution. In support we have worked several issues around “duplicated contact objects” appearing in… Read more

[SUPPORT TROUBLESHOOTING] Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service Not Starting – Error creating com objects

PROBLEM SCENARIO In a recent issue that i was working, the Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service was failing to start.  In review of the Application Event Log the following was received.   APPLICATION EVENT LOG The server encountered an unexpected error and stopped. “BAIL: MMS(3176): d:\bt\37281\private\source\miis\shared\maxml\cdext.cpp(416): 0x80070057 (The parameter is incorrect.) BAIL: MMS(3176): d:\bt\37281\private\source\miis\shared\xmlpe\xstack.cpp(405): 0x80070057… Read more

Backing up the Synchronization Service Encryption Key

After you install FIM (Forefront Identity Manager) or MIM (Microsoft Identity Manager) one of the first things you need to do after you ensure that the correct people that will be administrating or supporting the the Synchronization Service are include…(read more)… Read more

[SUPPORT TROUBLESHOOTING]: FIM Service stops intermittently – FIM Service fails to start

Overview Recently, I worked on an issue where we saw the FIM Service (Forefront Identity Manager Service) intermittently stopping as well as failing to start. In issue such as this one, the first place that we need to start is reviewing the Event…(read more)… Read more

[Troubleshooting] GalSync MA: Exchange 2010 Provisioning – “extension-dll-timeout” error on export

Environment Global Address List (GalSync) Synchronization Connector Microsoft Exchange 2010 Problem Statement GalSync Management Agent configured for Exchange 2010 provisioning was failing on Export with "extension-dll-timeout". The…(read more)… Read more

[SUPPORT TROUBLESHOOTING] DirSync FIM Sync Service would not start

Background After installing the Directory Synchronization Appliance, Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service would not start. Troubleshooting Actions Attempted to start the Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service manually…(read more)… Read more