Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT): Custom Synchronization Rules – (Testing)

PRODUCT USED FIR THIS BLOG I utilized the following Azure AD Connect builds for the snapshots involved in this blog: Azure AD Connect v1.1.443.0 Azure AD Connect v1.1.281.0 NOTE: This applies to all versions of Azure AD Connect currently PURPOSE I am writing this blog with the intention to discuss Custom Synchronization Rules in Azure… Read more

Support-Info: (AADCONNECT): How to merge a group object with a contact object

FOCUSED PRODUCT Azure AD Connect (should be possible with all builds of AADConnect – if you run into an issue, comment or email me) PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION The problem we are attempting to resolve here is how to take a Group Object from Forest A and merge it with a Contact Object from Forest B… Read more

Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT): Filtering – Control which groups sync to O365

Hello again! Today, I wanted to share a simple scenario that I recently worked on to control which groups get synchronized to O365 (Azure). This is very similar to filtering with users. I am using one of the latest builds of Azure AD Connect and will be using the cloning feature of Azure AD Connect… Read more

[FIM SYNC RULE – INFO] Dealing with the Null Function in a Sync Rule

Hello.  Tim Macaulay here from the FIM Support team here at Microsoft.  Recently I came across an issue that I felt needed a bit more clarification in how it works currently. Recently I worked an issue where FIM was recognized as deleting the value from an attribute on outbound flow to Active Directory.  Reviewing the… Read more

Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT) How to create a custom sychronization rule for attribute flow (transformation flow)

In support we see many cases come through looking to create a customized synchronization rule to adhere to different business rules utilizing the Azure AD Connect (Azure AD Sync Services (AADSync)) Tool.  Here, I am creating this blog to provide some guidance on how to create a custom synchronization rule inside of the Azure AD… Read more

[SUPPORT TROUBLESHOOTING] Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service Not Starting – Error creating com objects

PROBLEM SCENARIO In a recent issue that i was working, the Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service was failing to start.  In review of the Application Event Log the following was received.   APPLICATION EVENT LOG The server encountered an unexpected error and stopped. “BAIL: MMS(3176): d:\bt\37281\private\source\miis\shared\maxml\cdext.cpp(416): 0x80070057 (The parameter is incorrect.) BAIL: MMS(3176): d:\bt\37281\private\source\miis\shared\xmlpe\xstack.cpp(405): 0x80070057… Read more

Support-Info: (Sync): Run Profile Optimization

Products Involved Discussed Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service Microsoft Identity Manager Synchronization Service Purpose: The purpose of this document is to discuss from a high level how to optimally execute run profiles to effectively and efficiently reach the intended goal. Disclaimer This document will discuss the execution of run profiles simultaneously.  However, running more than… Read more

Understanding User Management – Inbound User Synchronization

Building on the concepts that we have previously discussed for Synchronization Rules Introducing Synchronization Rules – Part 1 and Introducing Synchronization Rules – Part 2 lets create an Inbound Synchronization Rule for User objects. In this example…(read more)… Read more

Understanding Group Management – Outbound Group Synchronization

This is the next post in a series of postings for Group Management. it may be helpful to read the following post: Understanding the FIM Service Management Agent (FIM MA) Configuring the FIM MA Introducing Synchronization Rules – Part 1 …(read more)… Read more