Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT): Custom Synchronization Rules – (Testing)

PRODUCT USED FIR THIS BLOG I utilized the following Azure AD Connect builds for the snapshots involved in this blog: Azure AD Connect v1.1.443.0 Azure AD Connect v1.1.281.0 NOTE: This applies to all versions of Azure AD Connect currently PURPOSE I am writing this blog with the intention to discuss Custom Synchronization Rules in Azure… Read more

[SUPPORT TIP] How to manipulate the email suffix on Primary SMTP proxyAddress

Hello Again, GOAL Modify the primary SMTP Email Suffix within the ProxyAddresses attribute. The challenge here is to be able to loop through the proxyAddresses collection and modify a single piece of information on a single line item in the proxyAddresses collection. I was able to accomplish the given task through the following steps. Open… Read more

Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT): Filtering – Control which groups sync to O365

Hello again! Today, I wanted to share a simple scenario that I recently worked on to control which groups get synchronized to O365 (Azure). This is very similar to filtering with users. I am using one of the latest builds of Azure AD Connect and will be using the cloning feature of Azure AD Connect… Read more

Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT): Filter Provisioned CNF Objects

Hello again!  Tim Macaulay here from the Identity Support team here at Microsoft.  Recently I worked through an issue where we had CNF objects that had fully synchronized to the cloud.  These objects were in some weird state in Active Directory, so our goal was to prevent these objects from making it to the cloud… Read more

[AZURE AD CONNECT SYNC SERVICES] HOWTO: Control which attribute flows to UPN

  Problem Statement / Goal In this scenario we have multiple partitions selected in a single On-Premise Active Directory Connector  We want to control which attribute flows in the Metaverse Attribute userPrincipalName based on the suffix in the userPrincipalName.  One condition would have the On-Premise Active Directory mail attribute to flow the value to the… Read more