Support-Info: (FIM Service MA): RunStatus: Stopped-Server Troubleshooter Resources

All, The stopped-server status is a common item that people can see when working with the FIM Service Management Agent.  The purpose of this blog posting is to help centralize some information to help troubleshoot the stopped-server run status. First, what is a stopped-server run status.  It is a status that is returned in the… Read more

Support-Tip: (FIM Service MA): Stopped-Server: The export session has timed out waiting for responses

PRODUCTS INVOLVED Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION We are receiving the run status “Stopped-Server” when running the Run Profile “Export”.   The Delta Import (Stage Only and the Full Import (Stage Only) both work successfully. In this scenario, we had 1,000 Pending Deletes that were EREs. FOREFRONT IDENTITY MANAGER MANAGEMENT AGENT EVENT LOG System.InvalidOperationException:… Read more

Support-Tip: (FIM Service MA): stopped-server – Error: 15517: State: 1.  Cannot execute as the database principal because the principal “dbo” does not exist this type of principal cannot be impersonated or you do not have permission.

The “stopped-server” run status is one of those that keeps popping up and having different causes to the run status.  This one I encountered was quite interesting. SCENARIO Export on the FIM Service Management Agent returns a “stopped-server” run status.  In this scenario, the Full and Delta Imports both worked successfully, but the export always… Read more

Support-Tip:(SYNC): stopped-server status during a synchronization

NOTE A Support-Tip is the Problem / Cause / Resolution of a specific issue.   APPLIES TO: Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 & Service Pack 1 Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 & Service Pack 1 Forefront Identity Manager 2010 ENVIRONMENT Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 (4.4.1237.0) PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION During the course of a… Read more

stopped-server: msidmCompositeType or Asynchronous Processing Scenario

Stopped-Server Checklist 0x80230405 ( The operation failed because the object cannot be found Overview The stopped-server status is a common status that is seen in the FIM Synchronization Service Engine when executing an import and…(read more)… Read more