[SUPPORT TIP]: How to get Sync Statistics using WMI

  All, Hello.  I am writing today to illustrate how you can utilize WMI and PowerShell to grab the statistical information from Tools > Statistics and dump it to a CSV file. $GetManagementAgents = Get-WmiObject -Class “MIIS_ManagementAgent” -Namespace root\MicrosoftIdentityintegrationServer $GetMACount = $GetManagementAgents.Count $FileSyncStats = $env:TEMP+”\SyncStats.CSV” if ( Test-Path $FileSyncStats ){ [System.IO.File]::Delete($FileSyncStats) } ## If the… Read more

[SUPPORT TIP] How to delete a single group from the Identity Management Portal using PowerShell

PURPOSE The purpose of this blog is to illustrate how to delete a single group in the FIM Portal. SCRIPT #———————————————————————————————————- set-variable -name URI -value “http://localhost:5725/resourcemanagementservice’ “ -option constant #———————————————————————————————————- function DeleteObject { PARAM($objectType, $objectId) END { $importObject = New-Object Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Automation.ObjectModel.ImportObject $importObject.ObjectType = $objectType $importObject.TargetObjectIdentifier = $objectId $importObject.SourceObjectIdentifier = $objectId $importObject.State = 2 $importObject |… Read more