Support-Info: (GROUP MANAGEMENT): Group information is not being synchronized to/from Active Directory

PRODUCTS / SOLUTIONS / FEATURES INVOLVED Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 Group Management PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION This issue centered around Group Management.  We were not seeing Security and/or Distribution Groups be synchronized correctly through the Synchronization Engine. CAUSE From Portal to Active Directory We noticed that the Provisioning Synchronization Rules for Security Groups… Read more

Support-Info: Criteria Based Groups (Negative Conditions vs. Positive Conditions)

UTILIZED PRODUCTS Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 (4.4.1302) SQL Server 2012 BLOG PURPOSE: Discussion of Criteria Based Groups and the difference between a negative condition vs. a positive condition. SCENARIO: Use of Negative vs Positive Conditions Recently, I worked on an issue concerning the use of Negative Conditions within a Criteria Based Group… Read more

Configuring the FIM Management Agent

Configuring the FIM Management Agent Before we can manipulate users and/or groups with the FIM Synchronization Service it is necessary that we create Management Agents. Here, we will create a Management Agent for connecting the Synchronization Engine…(read more)… Read more

Understanding Group Management – Outbound Group Synchronization

This is the next post in a series of postings for Group Management. it may be helpful to read the following post: Understanding the FIM Service Management Agent (FIM MA) Configuring the FIM MA Introducing Synchronization Rules – Part 1 …(read more)… Read more

Understanding Group Management – Inbound Group Synchronization

Please be sure to read the first part of the series Understanding Group Management – Intro to Group Synchronization and attribute Management prior to configuring your Inbound Group Synchronization Sync Rule. I would also recommend reading Introducing…(read more)… Read more