Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT): How to deprovision an Azure AD CS object

*** DISCLAIMER *** This blog has been put together for the purpose of illustration.  You may have to change certain properties to fit your specific business needs. *** DISCLAIMER *** PRODUCT USED FOR TESTING/WRITNG BLOG Azure AD Connect (Build:   SCENARIO DESCRIPTION / GOAL Think about this scenario.  You have synchronized several objects to… Read more

Deprovisioning In-Depth: Part 2 – Explicit Disconnectors

This is Part 2 of the series on deprovisioning. Having covered regular disconnectors here , I’d like to use this post to talk about explicit disconnectors . If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to read part one as it lays down…(read more)… Read more

Deprovisioning In-Depth: Part 1 – Disconnectors

I’m going to say some words now that may be frightening to you, so consider yourself warned: disconnector, explicit disconnector, deprovision, deletion . For those of you who survived that, I’d like to discuss the above in some degree of detail…(read more)… Read more