FIM SP1 R2 4.1.3766 Upgrade to MIM SP1 4.4.1302 In-place Direct Upgrade

Greetings As of  November direct upgrade from FIM 2010 R2 SP1 (build 4.1.3766.0) to MIM 2016 SP1 (build 4.4.1302.0) is supported. Important: With various components, there are specific instructions that must be followed to ensure the solution is properly upgraded.  Please make sure to read the information below carefully and test the upgrade in a… Read more

Support-Preview: Microsoft Identity Manager Hybrid Reporting with Audit activity reports in the Azure Active Directory portal now in Public Preview (Refresh)

Hi everyone, Today, we are excited to let you know we are refreshing the Public Preview Microsoft Identity Manager Hybrid Reporting feature. This update brings hybrid audit reports to the Azure Portal. Let’s suppose a user Allison creates a group called “Sales team”.  She adds several of her colleagues, and also several people request join… Read more