Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT): 0x80230307 (The dimage indicates an add operation, but the image already exists

Hey all, Tim Macaulay here again to share some an interesting issue that I recently worked. PRODUCTS INVOLVED Microsoft Azure AD Connect 1.1.524.0 Number of Connectors: 2 NOTE: Please note, that there is a later build of Microsoft Azure AD Connect available for download in 1.1.649.0. You can download that build here:   PROBLEM… Read more

Support-Info: (AADCONNECT): How to merge a group object with a contact object

FOCUSED PRODUCT Azure AD Connect (should be possible with all builds of AADConnect – if you run into an issue, comment or email me) PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION The problem we are attempting to resolve here is how to take a Group Object from Forest A and merge it with a Contact Object from Forest B… Read more

[SUPPORT TIP]: How to get Sync Statistics using WMI

  All, Hello.  I am writing today to illustrate how you can utilize WMI and PowerShell to grab the statistical information from Tools > Statistics and dump it to a CSV file. $GetManagementAgents = Get-WmiObject -Class “MIIS_ManagementAgent” -Namespace root\MicrosoftIdentityintegrationServer $GetMACount = $GetManagementAgents.Count $FileSyncStats = $env:TEMP+”\SyncStats.CSV” if ( Test-Path $FileSyncStats ){ [System.IO.File]::Delete($FileSyncStats) } ## If the… Read more

Support Tip: Troubleshooting Synchronization Error: ambiguous-import-flow-from-multiple-connectors

Hello again! I am writing today on the Synchronization Error – “ambiguous-import-flow-from-multiple-connectors”. I have worked several issues to where people ask what does this error mean and how can I generally start to review and fix this synchronization error. DEFINITION: ambiguous-import-flow-from-multiple-connectors This is a synchronization error that is displayed in the Synchronization Service Engine Manager… Read more

Support-Info: (RUN HISTORY): How to use the MIIS_RunHistory WMI Class

  PURPOSE The purpose of this article is to provide an illustration of how to utilize the WMI Namespace Provider, MicrosoftIdentityIntegrationServer, to pull information about the Run History (Operations Tab).   Through the MIIS_RunHistory class, we can gather information about each run. For successful objects, we can only grab numbers. If there is a synchronization error,… Read more

Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT): Filtering – Control which groups sync to O365

Hello again! Today, I wanted to share a simple scenario that I recently worked on to control which groups get synchronized to O365 (Azure). This is very similar to filtering with users. I am using one of the latest builds of Azure AD Connect and will be using the cloning feature of Azure AD Connect… Read more

Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT) How to create a custom sychronization rule for attribute flow (transformation flow)

In support we see many cases come through looking to create a customized synchronization rule to adhere to different business rules utilizing the Azure AD Connect (Azure AD Sync Services (AADSync)) Tool.  Here, I am creating this blog to provide some guidance on how to create a custom synchronization rule inside of the Azure AD… Read more