Support-Tip: (INSTALLATION): EXO Configuration Failure during installation

PRODUCTS INVOLVED Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 Exchange Online PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION When attempting to install MIM 2016 SP1 you may get the following error message when configuring a federated account. This can be caused by local security policies that are configured during server setup. If you do see this message confirm that… Read more

Support-Release: (MIM2016): Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 SP1 hotfix ( Released

Hello folks, David Steadman Here!! We have released our latest hotfix for MIM 2016 SP1 . Important Links Microsoft KB Article: Version History: Download: Prerequisites before patching: MIM 2016 Service Pack 1 Visual C++ 2013 x64 Redistributable Packages (vcresist_x64.exe) is required Associated Error you will see if the package is not present: There… Read more

Support-Info: (CONNECTORS): Failed to create ADMA (Receiving error 80230910)

PRODUCTS INVOLVED Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 Active Directory Management Agent (ADMA) NOTE The product involved in this solution was MI 2016 SP1; however, it is important to note that this issue can occur with the other Identity Management products that use an Active Directory Management Agent.  For example: Forefront Identity Manager 2010,… Read more

Support-Info: (INSTALLATION): Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package

PRODUCTS INVOLVED Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 (4.4.1302.0) Service and Portal Installation Microsoft Windows Server 2016 PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION In this scenario, we are attempting to execute an installation of the Service and Portal on a Windows Server 2016 machine and it is failing. NOTE It is always recommended to troubleshoot an installation… Read more

Support-Tip: (INSTALLATION): Installation Companion – Accounts Reference

PURPOSE The purpose of this blog is to cover the different accounts / service accounts that are needed/required in a Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 solution.  Documented here are these accounts for an Identity Manager solution with explanation of their responsibilities. NOTE This blog does not cover the MIM Certificate Management, BHOLD or PAM Scenarios  … Read more

Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT): How to insert the TargetAddress Attribute Value into the ProxyAddresses list

PRODUCTS INVOLVED Microsoft Azure AD Connect Sync (AADCONNECT) PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION The goal here is to update the proxyAddresses attribute on a User and/or Contact object with the value that is in the targetAddress attribute only if the proxyAddresses attribute does not contain a primary SMTP.  This should only happen for objects that are coming… Read more

Support-Info: (FIMMA): failed-creation-via-web-services

PRODUCTS-COMPONENTS-SCENARIOS INVOLVED Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Synchronization Service – FIM Service Management Agent Service and Portal PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION Running an Export Run Profile on the FIM Service Management Agent produces the Run Status of stopped-server.  We want to understand the best way to clear out data in the FIM Service Management Agent connector space… Read more

Support-Info: (GROUP MANAGEMENT): Group information is not being synchronized to/from Active Directory

PRODUCTS / SOLUTIONS / FEATURES INVOLVED Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 Group Management PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION This issue centered around Group Management.  We were not seeing Security and/or Distribution Groups be synchronized correctly through the Synchronization Engine. CAUSE From Portal to Active Directory We noticed that the Provisioning Synchronization Rules for Security Groups… Read more

Support-Info: (PCNS): PCNS is not sending passwords to the Synchronization Service Engine

  PRODUCTS / COMPONENTS INVOLVED Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 Password Change Notification Service (PCNS) PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION Passwords are not being replicated to the Target Domain NOTE If passwords are not making it from the Source Domain Controller to the Synchronization Service Manager GUI, enable verbose logging and see if you are… Read more

Support-Info: (SSPR) : Troubleshooting SSPR 3001 and 3008

PRODUCTS INVOLVED / SOLUTIONS INVOLVED Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 SP1 Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 SP1 Self Service Password Reset / Registration Portals PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION Attempting Self-Service Password Reset Registration, a communication error was receiving that was generating the Exception 3008.  Once that exception was resolved, the exception 3001 appeared. CAUSE Cause – Exception… Read more