Support-Info: General Information on our blog

Support-Info A Support-Info blog is a blog that provides more of a How To topic. How does one accomplish a specific task. (search keyword: supportinfo)
Support-Tip A Support-Tip blog is a blog about how to fix a specific scenario based on specific error message. (search keyword: supporttip)
Support-Release A Support-Release blog is a blog about a new release, new feature, new hotfix, new service pack (search keyword: supportrelease)
Support-Preview A Support-Preview blog is a blog posting about a new feature, solution, scenario that is in a beta or preview status, not yet released. (search keyword: supportpreview)




Iamsupport This is the keyword to identify a blog from the support team
 supportinfo Support-Info blogs
supporttip Support-Tip blogs
supportrelease Support-Release blogs
supportpreview Support-Preview blogs