[Support Tip] :: MIM 2016 SP1 Slip Stream build is now available

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 with Service Pack 1 Slipstream is now live on subscriber downloads. You can see it at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions/downloads https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/downloads/ Or at the new VS portal (Note: You need a subscription to view files): https://myprodscussu1.app.vssubscriptions.visualstudio.com/Downloads *NOTE: If you are utilizing the initial MIM 2016 SP1 (4.4.1297.0), we do encourage you to upgrade to… Read more

KB: SQL Server availability solutions for Microsoft Identity Manager services databases

Just a quick FYI to let you know about a new KB article we published that describes the availability solutions for Microsoft SQL Server for the Microsoft Identity Manager service (FIMService) and Synchronization service (FIMSynchronizationService) databases. As currently noted in the KB, high availability is supported in the following scenarios for a configuration of SQL Server:… Read more

Support-Info: (AADCONNECT): How to merge a group object with a contact object

FOCUSED PRODUCT Azure AD Connect (should be possible with all builds of AADConnect – if you run into an issue, comment or email me) PROBLEM SCENARIO DESCRIPTION The problem we are attempting to resolve here is how to take a Group Object from Forest A and merge it with a Contact Object from Forest B… Read more

On startup a system with the SSPR Rich client installed posts "Unable to Launch Web Browser"

A system with the Self Service Password Reset Rich client posts an error, “Unable to Launch Web Browser …” on startup. It is expected to navigate to the SSPR portal prompting a user to register. Research into this issue using Process Monitor from Sysinternals shows that two registry keys are utilized by the client, HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Forefront… Read more

Support-Release: (MIM2016): Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 update package

Greetings Since the release of MIM 2016 SP1 just over a month ago, we received overwhelming feedback from our partners and customers regarding the upgrade paths for the service pack. Today I’m pleased to announce the availability of the MIM 2016 SP1 Update MSP. This MSP allows current customers on MIM 2016 RTM, or any… Read more

Support Tip: MIM SP1 PAM install failure: CreateAuthenticationPolicyAndSilo Error The user has insufficient access rights.

When installing Microsoft Identity Manager Service Pack 1 (MIM SP1) with PAM using an installer account (MIMAdmin), you encounter a SILO error. When installing with verbose logging enabled ( msiexec /i “Service and Portal.msi” /l*v C:\temp\setup.log ) you will see the following: Failed creating authentication policy/silo.The user has insufficient access rights.at System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.LdapConnection.ConstructResponse(Int32 messageId, LdapOperation operation,… Read more

Tuning FIM Service MA Export Processing

An introduction to FIM Service MA export configuration, system event requests, and FIMService partitioning.  This applies to both FIM 2010 R2 and MIM 2016. Credits: Thank you to David Steadman for his collaboration in this post. Introduction When working with the FIM Service management agent, it’s possible to get into a situation where an export… Read more

Support-Info: (GalSync) GalSync Related Information

  What is a GalSync Solution? GalSync is a Global Address List Synchronization Solution.  It is a way for Microsoft Exchange Organizations to share their Global Address Lists (GAL).  Additionally, once a GalSync Solution is setup, it provides the ability to share Free/Busy information. NEW GALSYNC SOLUTION – Contacts are not provisioning Contacts not provisioning… Read more

[SUPPORT TIP]: How to get Sync Statistics using WMI

  All, Hello.  I am writing today to illustrate how you can utilize WMI and PowerShell to grab the statistical information from Tools > Statistics and dump it to a CSV file. $GetManagementAgents = Get-WmiObject -Class “MIIS_ManagementAgent” -Namespace root\MicrosoftIdentityintegrationServer $GetMACount = $GetManagementAgents.Count $FileSyncStats = $env:TEMP+”\SyncStats.CSV” if ( Test-Path $FileSyncStats ){ [System.IO.File]::Delete($FileSyncStats) } ## If the… Read more

Support Tip: Troubleshooting Synchronization Error: ambiguous-import-flow-from-multiple-connectors

Hello again! I am writing today on the Synchronization Error – “ambiguous-import-flow-from-multiple-connectors”. I have worked several issues to where people ask what does this error mean and how can I generally start to review and fix this synchronization error. DEFINITION: ambiguous-import-flow-from-multiple-connectors This is a synchronization error that is displayed in the Synchronization Service Engine Manager… Read more