MIM 2016 Upgrade : Database upgrade tool has encountered at least one error when upgrading FIM configuration objects


During the upgrade of FIM to MIM you might see this error during install. This sends chills down the back of any Identity engineer.


After further investigation of this error it is errors out on a MPR when we look at a this in SQL profiler we see the following exceptions :

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘PK_ManagementPolicyRuleAttribute’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘fim.ManagementPolicyRuleAttribute’. The duplicate key value is (2879, 105).

Looking at this error we see the MPR and the Item we are trying to insert. It is unclear why are are trying to add this a second time the Product group is looking into this to understand the impact

What we are trying to add :


Looking at the MPR in the UI we see ‘IsAuthorization Activity’ is already added


Currently we see no issue with this exception, but ask folks to report back any items like the above so we can investigate.

Thank you

Identity and Security Team / AKA Support