[TROUBLESHOOTING] The Synchronization Service Engine Crashes

Symptom During the process of a Full Import on the Active Directory Management Agent there is a reference on an Active Directory Organizational Unit to an Organizational Unit two levels down, the Synchronization Service Engine will crash. Cause…(read more)… Read more

[REFERENCE] Installing Forefront Identity Manager Certificate Management Components on Windows Server Certificate Authority

About FIM CM installation files Initial install requires the MSI package. MSI packages are available in major releases (RTM, SP1, etc.). Rollup patches are typically MSP files. Steps to install CM CA components in non-standard location…(read more)… Read more

[REFERENCE] HOW TO: PowerShell Workflow: Execute PowerShell with an account other than FIMService

Introduction : Powershell workflow activities are executed by the FIM Service account by default. There could be a situation where we want to run the Powershell script as another account – which means we need to save these credentials somewhere, preferably…(read more)… Read more

[Reference] Suppress SSPR Registration Page at Logon

The default behavior of the rich SSPR client is to check the user's password registration status at every logon. If the user is not registered for FIM password reset in the portal the configured registration URL is presented to the user. Scenario …(read more)… Read more

[Troubleshooting] SSPR Reset Portal – Error attempting to reset password

Issue A user goes to the SSPR reset portal. The questions are answered and the new password entered twice. The user receives the following error in the portal. Error while attempting to reset password. NOTE: The password is actually reset in…(read more)… Read more

Reference: New Connectors Available: Windows Azure Active Directory, Generic LDAP, SharePoint User Profile Store

We are pleased to announce that we have released three new Connectors for FIM2010R2 for public General Availability. Windows Azure Active Directory Connector This Connector can be used in scenarios not supported by DirSync, for example multi-forest…(read more)… Read more

[SUPPORT TROUBLESHOOTING] DirSync FIM Sync Service would not start

Background After installing the Directory Synchronization Appliance, Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service would not start. Troubleshooting Actions Attempted to start the Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service manually…(read more)… Read more

[Troubleshooting] CheckSharepointFarmAdministratorWithOpenPermission

Problem Statement When attempting to install the FIM Portal, it may fail installation then roll back¬†without a visual indication. In that case, you will need to obtain a Windows Installer Log to understand what is happening. In this issue. we obtained a Windows Installer…(read more)… Read more