Azure CSP Documentation released

I'm glad to announce that Azure CSP documentation was published today as a part of Azure technical documentation. It is accessible using vanity URL: or using a full URL:

Azure CSP documentation provides answers to the most popular partner questions about Azure specifics in Cloud Solution Partner model, including:

  1. Which Azure services are available (and not available) in CSP
  2. How to move existing Azure EA customers to CSP
  3. How Azure partner experience looks like inside Partner Center (with videos)
  4. How customer support of Azure customers in CSP should look like
  5. How Azure billing works in CSP etc.

 Also Azure CSP documentation provides details about 50 integration scenarios with UI screenshots and code examples on PowerShell, C# and REST API. It should helpful for CSP partners, that are looking for guidance how to integrate existing apps and services with Azure in CSP.

There is a comment section in the bottom of every page in the documentation. So you are able to provide feedback and ask additional questions directly on documentation pages.

Comments (4)
  1. Hey Kirill, any ETA for B2C in CSP? The experience is now broken, you can create a B2C tenant starting from a CSP subscription but then you cannot link it to your subscription. Regarding AD Services, now that they support ARM vnet, why aren’t them supported in CSP subs?

    1. Both services should become available in CSP during the first half of 2018. There is some additional engineering work required to make it happen, but this activity has a high priority.

      1. Hiten Mistry says:

        Hey Kirrill, if you can give a more accurate date it will really help with some of our clients who have this feature requirement for items on their development road map.

  2. olsen_anders says:


    It seems to not be possible to add a CSP user (a user with the Admin Agent role) to the customers directory as an external guest user. This means that it is not possible to access a customers VSTS with the account, even though the VSTS is linked to an Azure CSP subscription. In my case my user has a linked MSDN, which is then worthless as I cannot access VSTS.

    It falls in between functionality in VSTS (are they to allow CSP accounts to join), and Azure (as it is not possible to just invite the external user).


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