List of Azure services in CSP

Last update: 10 March 2017

This is a regularly updated list of Azure services, available in CSP business model. Here is a nice picture of all services, that are available in Azure.

Partners and customers, that already use Azure through OpenEADirect, need to keep in mind, that not all Azure services are currently available in CSP. Non-ARM Azure services are not available, because CSP supports ARM model only. Also several ARM services are not available in CSP. But the situation is changing very fast here.

To get the list of available Azure services in CSP subscription, create Azure subscription on Partner Center portal and use following PowerShell commands:
Install-Module AzureRM
Select-AzureRmSubscription -SubscriptionID SUBSCRIPTIONID -TenantId
Get-AzureRmResourceProvider -ListAvailable

Azure CSP Service List

Available Azure services in CSP

Currently 53 resource providers with Microsoft.* prefix are available. Some of the services don't represent any Azure services, and some resource providers represent several Azure services (e.g. Microsoft.Sql or Microsoft.Network). Some of the services are available only through API/PowerShell and not visible on the portal. In total we can see, that there are 52 services available through Azure subscription, purchased in CSP:

Resource provider name

Azure service brand name


Azure AD Connect Health


Azure API Management


Azure API Apps


Role-based Access Control (not a separate service)


Azure Automation


Azure Batch


Bing Search API


Azure Redis Cache


Azure CDN


Azure Virtual Machines


Azure Container Service


Microsoft Content Moderator


Azure Data Catalog


Azure Data Factory


Azure Data Lake Analytics


Azure Data Lake Store


Azure IoT Hub


Azure DevTest Labs


Azure DocumentDB


Azure Event Hub


Part of Resource Manager (not a separate service)


Azure HDInsight


Azure Application Insights


Azure KeyVault


Azure Logic Apps


Azure Machine Learning


Azure Marketplace (not a separate service)


Azure Media Services


Azure Network Services (Virtual Network, Load Balancer,

Traffic Manager, Application Gateway,

Express Route, DNS Zone, VPN Gateway)


Azure Notification Hubs


Azure Log Analyzer


Used for integration with OMS (not a separate service)


Azure Management Portal (not a separate service)


Power BI Embedded


Azure Backup + Azure Site Recovery


Azure Resource Health (not a separate service)


Resource Groups (not a separate service)


Azure Scheduler


Azure Search


Azure Security Center


Azure Server Management tools


Azure Service Bus + Azure Functions


Azure Service Fabric


Azure Site Recovery (Legacy, replaced by Microsoft.RecoveryServices provider)


Azure SQL Database + Azure SQL Data Warehouse


Azure Storage


Azure Stream Analytics

Technical Support Requests (not a separate service)


Azure Web Apps + Azure Mobile Apps

There are 4 Azure services, that are not represented by any Resource Provider, so they were not included into the list, though they are available through CSP under dedicated License-based subscriptions:

  1. Azure AD (Basic or Premium)
  2. Azure Multi-factor Authentication
  3. Azure Rights Management
  4. Azure Information Protection.

Not all services are available on Management Portal with GUI. Some of them are available only through PowerShell or x-plat CLI. Here is a detailed view:

Azure in CSP

Comparison with traditional Azure subscriptions

To compare this with traditional (non-CSP) subscription, I've ran the same command towards Azure subscription, purchased through Enterprise Agreement. It showed me 58 available resource providers instead of 52 for CSP. There are 4 additional ARM services, not available in CSP yet:

Resource provider name

Azure service brand name


BizTalk Services


Purchase SSL certificates (not a separate service)


Classic (non-ARM) Azure Virtual Machines


Migration tools (not a separate service)


Classic (non-ARM) Azure Virtual Network


Classic (non-ARM) Azure Storage


Purchase domain names through GoDaddy (not a separate service)


Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services


Azure Mobile Engagement


Visual Studio Team Services

And of course traditional Azure subscription include non-ARM IaaS services, available on a new Azure Portal (called "Classic") and other non-ARM services, which are available only through old Azure portal, such as:

  1. Cloud Services - use VMs, VM ScaleSets and App Services instead
  2. Mobile Services - use Azure App Services Mobile Apps instead
  3. RemoteApps - deprecated
  4. Management Services - use ARM-based management services instead
  5. StorSimple Physical Device Manager - requires StorSimple hardware, which is not available for CSP partners. UPD: Virtual StorSimple became available in CSP in Feb 2017. It means that CSP partners can deploy StorSimple Virtual Appliance through CSP.
  6. Azure AD B2C
  7. Azure AD Domain Services

Such non-ARM services won't appear in CSP before they will be migrated from ASM to ARM model. Cloud Services won't be migrated to ARM model, so customers need to consider migration to ARM IaaS with VM Scale Sets.


So, current status: there are 56 Azure services, available through CSP. 4 of them are purchased separately using License-based subscriptions. Traditional (non-CSP) Azure subscriptions include 67 services (including 7 non-ARM services).

Comments (43)

  1. benjamin says:

    kirill, thanks for your article - there's still one question, how to configure azure mfa with csp model ? currently we are not able to assign mfa, but not to configure it

    1. Hi Benjamin!
      I plan to cover MFA topic in a post that will be published the next week. What are the issues that you are facing with MFA configuration?

  2. benjamin says:

    kirill, thanks for your article – there’s still one question, how to configure azure mfa with csp model ? currently we are able to assign mfa, but not to configure it ?! (correct comment)

    1. Hi Benjamin!
      I plan to cover MFA topic in a post that will be published the next week. What are the issues that you are facing with MFA configuration?

      1. benjamin says:

        the question, which tool could be used to configure mfa (download mfa components) - classic portal (not working, login page with error with my csp admin account), new portal (mfa is not displayed), powershell (missing api) ?

        1. Hello Benjamin.

          You can try this path; Start by logging into the old ASM portal so that you can view; Active Directory -> Configure -> MFA Settings -> ”Open the Portal” -> You are home free.

          This will work on CSP Per user licensing.

    1. It's not available yet in CSP.

  3. Justin Patten says:

    I don't see an option in the CSP portal to add Azure B2C under one of my customers. Is it hidden somewhere or named something else?

    1. I also don't see it and assume that it's not available in CSP yet.

      1. Justin Patten says:

        Your blog post says that it is - Was that just an incorrect statement?

        1. You are right, my fault. I've fixed the text. Thx!

          1. Royden Burt says:

            Do you think Azure B2C will be coming to CSP? It doesn't appear in the roadmap yet! Any info you have on this will be greatly appreciated 🙂

          2. I should appear in CSP some day, partners ask for that. But no clear date in the roadmap yet.

          3. Igor Izotov says:

            Hi Kirill, any updates on when Azure B2C is becoming available under CSP? Cheers.

          4. Hi Kirill,

            any update on b2c?


          5. Unfortunately, still no updates with that.

  4. Martijn says:

    Kirill, Is there already any news/update about assiging Azure Multi-factor Authentication (with the on-premises component Azure Multi-factor Authentication Server) to customers through the CSP model ?

    1. Azure MFA is available as a separate License-based subscription in Partner Center. It supports Azure MFA Server.

      1. Martijn says:

        Thanks for your response. I see it is available.
        But we would like to use the on-premises component, Multi-Factor Authentication Server to configure on-premisess components with two factor authentication. I cannot see how to configure that.

  5. vivek says:

    Hi All,
    I see lot of queries regarding MFA in CSP .
    Please access link after opening your azure portal(
    You will be able to access all the feature available in old portal(
    Please try this and post any query if you have any.

    1. Martijn says:

      Thanks, I can now enter the old protal with the customers credentials.
      But when I try to add a Multi-Factor Authentication provider the option is not availble, I am only able to add a Active Directory.

      1. Check here:

        If you use Azure MFA License-based subscription in CSP, you don't need to create an MFA adapter. You can assign MFA licenses manually to the users on Old Azure Portal.

        1. Martijn says:

          Thanks Kirill, it seems to work right now !

          What about licensing ?
          I have configured the Azure Multi Factor Server onpremises with license per user.
          If we buy 200 licenses per month, does it mean 200 different accounts can use MFA? What with user number 201 ?

      2. vivek says:

        Hi Martijn,

        Thanks for your reply.
        You may try the below options if you want MFA on premise(download MFA server)
        Assign one license from partner center to the customer(MFA license or EMS or AAD premium)
        Use credentials with Global admin on customer tenant
        go to and click on MFA >> configure >>Multifactor authentication (manage service settings) and >> go to portal (MFA portal will launch there you can download MFA server)

  6. Chris says:

    Kirill- thanks for this post. Any idea when Azure AD will be available? I've got a customer on traditional direct bill O365 and they would like to integrate their existing directory with their Azure (csp) subscription. Is this possible or not until AAD is available?

    1. Azure AD is already available through CSP. Azure AD Domain Services (AAD DS) are not available yet, but you don't need them for your scenario.

  7. AzureSolutionConsultant says:

    when will VSTS be available under CSP?

    1. I haven't seen any information about Visual Studio Team Services in Azure CSP Roadmap. But you can purchase it through SPLA and connect to your Azure subscription in CSP.

      1. Ignacio says:

        Hi, I'm a CSP Distributor and I have in the price list Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise, monthly and annual suscription. Is new? how is the provision of that?

        1. James Rice says:

          Yes, later this summer we will begin offering Visual Studio "cloud" subscriptions through CSP. The options are Visual Studio Professional (monthly or annual) and Visual Studio Enterprise (monthly or annual). You can see what's included with each right here:

          Also, since we only sell these cloud subscriptions through Azure, as a CSP you'll need to create an Azure subscription for your customer and then purchase directly through the Visual Studio Marketplace using that Azure subscription for billing. We'll have special links within the Partner Center that jump you into the Visual Studio Marketplace with your CSP credentials.

      2. James Rice says:

        We expect to make Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) available through CSP later this summer. It's not yet available as of early July 2017.

  8. AzureSolutionConsultant says:

    Customer Usage/Consumption
    Can you let us know when Microsoft will develop a method for Azure CSP customers to see their own usage/consumption

    1. Try Microsoft Peek - great solution, that shows Azure consumption inside CSP subscription in details.

  9. Dan Moore says:

    How can third party Azure solution vendors develop to and/or migrate to an ARM-based model so they would be exposed/available through CSP?

  10. Kiril, please, is Azure RMS still available via standard CSP? In the pricelist, there is Azure RMS for Faculty and for Students, but I can´t see it for corporate customers. It has disappeared in February...

    1. Azure RMS was renamed to Azure Information Protection in February:
      Azure Information Protection Plan 1 648bf77b-1f0a-4911-8066-caf37d67dc72

  11. Pankaj Gupta says:

    Hi, After the release of Microsoft's could based ERPs (Dynamics 365) in Nov 16, anyone knows that the Life Cycle Services can be deployed using a CSP subscription ?

  12. Azure Container Registry is in GA since a few days ago. I think it is not yet available in CSP. Can you confirm?

  13. Thiago Bruno says:

    Hi guys,

    Do you know when visual studio will be available under CSP and if exist some workaround to run that solution at a Azure CSP subscription?


  14. Cici says:

    Can customer get a custom domain of web service in CSP offer

    1. Can you clarify your question, please?

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