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Free Training: How to use built-in security features in Windows Server 2016

We designed Windows Server 2016 from an “assume breach” posture. Yes, we want to build the most secure servers, and we have taken some giant steps forward when it comes to breach resistance, but we have also built in some new capabilities to mitigate the risk of breaches when they do happen. Two new Microsoft...

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On-Demand Webinar: 5 days to make IT Ops more efficient

When you are managing multiple resources across heterogenous environments, you need to make operations work for you. A few of the most critical areas you can improve efficiency in are service management, application management, and security. Join us for this on-demand webinar to learn how to remediate infrastructural issues, understand application health, and establish preventative...

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Bridge gap between app and infra with Azure management and security updates

Silos within organizations aren’t new, and they aren’t a new source of issues. As IT groups today work to eliminate bottlenecks and increase speed, one important area to consider is simplifying the connections between teams. The tools you use to manage your environment can be an important part of your approach. Today, we’re sharing recent...

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Demo Tuesday // How to turn event logs into security intelligence

Welcome to our new Demo Tuesday series. Each week we will be highlighting a new product feature from the Hybrid Cloud Platform. Smart security with OMS and Windows Server 2016 The flood of security event logs can be enough to overwhelm an army of system administrators. In the event of a breach, what’s needed isn’t...

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Demo Tuesday // Shielded Virtual Machines in Windows Server 2016

Welcome to our Demo Tuesday Series. Each week, we will be highlighting a new product feature from the Hybrid Cloud Platform. You can’t put virtual machines (VMs) under lock and key Customers are virtualizing pretty much everything they can today, from SharePoint to SQL Server to Active Directory domain controllers. That has created an interesting...

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Demo Tuesday // Windows Server: Just Enough Administration

Welcome to our Demo Tuesday Series. Each week we will be highlighting a new product feature from the Hybrid Cloud Platform. Don’t leave all of your keys on one ring One of the new Privilege Identity controls in Windows Server 2016 is Just Enough Administration (JEA). It uses PowerShell to provide role-based administration. That way...

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Three ways to better secure your hybrid environment

As more organizations adopt a hybrid cloud model for IT, it’s no surprise they’re encountering new security challenges. With more surface area to cover, more mission-critical assets to protect, and more sophisticated threats to defend against, security issues become increasingly complex. And with the average cost of a data breach to a single company now...

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Navigating trusted cloud considerations: Transparency, security, privacy and compliance

This post was authored by Sean Pike, Program Director, eDiscovery and Information Governance, IDC. It is absolutely true that the cloud is rapidly becoming the mode of choice for IT operations. My colleague Rick Villars wrote that we’re just a couple years away from cloud overtaking traditional datacenter implementations and becoming the predominant infrastructure model....

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Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016 #8: Security

This post, authored by Matt McSpirit, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, is #8 in the “Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016” series. In this episode Matt interviews Nir Ben-Zvi, a principal program manager in the Windows Server product group. Nir and his team are one of many within Microsoft working to improve and provide additional...

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