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We have released System Center Updates Publisher 2011 to the web today.  This release was primarily driven by customer feedback over the past year.  It all started last year at MMS (2010) where we got a lot of great feedback regarding the existing product.  Out of that feedback a plan was created to greatly improve the product for both customers and partners.  Updates Publisher 2011 is packed full of new features and additions with just a few of them listed below.

New in System Center Updates Publisher 2011

  • Simpler setup with no database installation
  • An improved user interface that allows better control of managing software updates
  • Improved applicability rule authoring experience
  • Improved performance when importing and managing software updates
  • The ability to create software update bundles
  • The ability to define prerequisite and superseded updates as part of a software update definition
  • A new “Automatic” publication type with which Updates Publisher 2011 can query Configuration Manager to determine whether the selected software updates should be published with full content or only metadata
  • A new Software Update Cleanup Wizard that you can use to expire software updates that exist on the update server, but are not in the Updates Publisher 2011 repository

To download and learn more about SCUP from TechCenter visit here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/systemcenter/bb741049.aspx

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