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There are several locations where you can find useful Opalis information.  Your first stop should be the Opalis Resources site (http://msft.it/opalisresources) which contains many links to other resources.  There are also several top level sites that contain a lot of useful information.

A list of quick links are below:

The Opalis Blog http://msft.it/opalisblog
System Center Blog http://msft.it/Nexus
The Opalis website http://msft.it/opaliswebsite
Opalis on Codeplex http://msft.it/opaliscodeplex
TechNet Opalis site http://msft.it/opalistechnet
Charles Joy’s Blog http://msft.it/CharlesJoy
Adam Hall Blog http://msft.it/adamhall

I’m sure there are more sites out there.  If you run an Opalis orientated blog, please post a comment with a link, and after we validate the content, I will update this list Smile



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