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A few weeks ago my colleague Brett Williams and I presented, “Reducing IT Costs with System Center Datacenter Management” as part of the Microsoft Thrive Live! series.  The webcast is now available for viewing on-demand through Microsoft TechNet Edge.

OpportunitiesToReduceCostsAcrossDatacenter The webcast focuses around the War On Cost research that Microsoft undertook using a double-blind study, which effectively means that participants did not know that Microsoft was behind the questions.  Focusing on 6 key workloads including email, collaboration and more, the research really highlights how implementing activities around automation of server management, virtualization of workloads, and integration of systems management can really help drive down the cost of running and maintaining a business’ IT architecture.

If you are interested in finding out ways where you can demonstrate return on investment and increased productivity with IT, this information presented within this webcast is a must.  You should also take a look at this Microsoft site, which focused on how you can save costs with Microsoft, and presents a huge amount of useful information, news, reviews, and more!

To see how and where System Center can assist you with implementing the cost-reducing activities presented in our webcast, browse our website on System Center solutions for dynamic datacenters or contact your Microsoft account team or Microsoft partner.


Sacha Dawes, CISSP
Sr. Technical Product Manager
System Center Solutions for Dynamic Datacenters

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