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Hi everyone, recently we recorded a look into the new scale and performance improvements we will ship in ConfigMgr 2007 R3.  There are 3 main areas of enhancement being made to the core capabilities of ConfigMgr.  These are as follows:

Delta Active directory Discovery – AD discovery has 2 main tasks.  Discovering changes to users or machines that may effect targeting.  Also, periodic full scans capture users and machines last logged time, ensuring active users  or systems are not made obsolete.  The AD queries that this is supported on include User, User Group, System and System Group.

Fast Collections – Combined with Delta AD Discovery is a concept called ‘Fast Collections’.  When a Collection Membership Rule is configured to dynamically add new resources, a few things happen.  This applies to a few resources.  Those that are initially discovered, OSD provisioned systems, HW inventories scanned systems, or ConfgMgr Client version upgrades.  When Fast Collections are configured, a Resource ID is inserted into the change tracking table where a separate collection evaluator thread is run (5min) and evaluates collections marked for fast evaluation.  This setting does not apply to known machines , and full evaluations are still processed the same way.  The result is significant gains of time savings to get advertisements to users and systems.

Admin Console Improvements – There have also been some improvements to the Admin console, helping the Administrator save time in their daily tasks.  For example, new right click options off a resource to add to collection (existing) add to new collection, remove from collection and add resources, are all designed to save console steps.

Here is a short video demonstrating these improvements.

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