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SysCnt-OprtnsMgr_h_rgb Available for download today, the Operations Management Pack for Distributed File Server (DFS) Namespaces (version 6.0.6321.0) monitors the DFS Namespace Service on Windows Server® 2008, Windows Server 2003 R2, and Windows Server 2003. It can also be configured to monitor the health of DFS Namespaces from client computers running Windows Vista® or Windows® XP.

This management pack monitors the overall health of DFS Namespaces and alerts you to critical issues across the following:

  • Namespace health
  • DFS service health
  • Namespace server health
  • DFS folder health
  • Folder target health
  • Namespace server Active Directory communication
  • Namespace root directory health
  • DFS client-based monitoring

The DFS Namespaces management pack can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.  Customers using Operations Manager 2007 R2 will be able to download it from the online MP catalog shortly.



Sacha Dawes, CISSP
Sr. Technical Product Manager
System Center Solutions for Dynamic Datacenters

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