Hybrid Cloud


Hat tip to Bob Cornelissen for his write up of our most recent Live Meeting on SharePoint and System Center, given as part of the System Center Influencers Program (wait… what’s that?). At the end of his write-up, Bob has this to say:

It is no secret that I just love the System Center line of products and have been working with these a lot. I believe the added possibilities in the SharePoint 2010 management pack for SCOM will make the product much better manageable and give some control back to IT personnel that is less specialized in SharePoint. I have been working with DPM 2010 Beta for some time now and am very happy with its workings and self healing possibilities. And the coming additional features in the release candidate will bring even more enthusiasm.

Next one that’s officially on the books (though we may possibly schedule another one) will cover our midmarket solutions in greater depth, as we all gear up for the upcoming releases of DPM and SCE 2010. Scheduled date is March 9. Watch this space (and Twitter and Facebook) for updates.


– dave // (whose sig is without a doubt the lamest, most austere on the team)