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If you’re an IT administrator working in a smaller IT department, I’m sure you feel like banging your head sometimes as you find yourself reacting to end-user issues throughout your busy day. Somebody needs that new application installed, someone else is running out of disk space and yet another person sent you email saying their laptop is running …“S-L-O-W-L-Y.”

Next thing you know, the boss wants to know how many copies of application “X” are installed on computers in the company, but you don’t have a quick and easy way to gather that information. According to my friends who work in the IT departments of midsize businesses, this isn’t an unusual scenario during any given week. There just aren’t many good IT management solutions out there built with the ease-of-use you would want while still having enterprise-class capabilities.

The System Center team at Microsoft is changing that with the soon to be released IT management solution for midsize businesses; System Center Essentials 2010 and Data Protection Manager 2010. In addition to being an end-to-end solution for managing physical and virtual servers, hardware and software, it also integrates management capability for optimizing your PCs and laptops. Click on the video to learn more…

Click on the links below to download pre-release versions of these products and give them a try!

System Center Essentials 2010 and Data Protection Manager 2010 provide an easy to use and integrated solution for managing and protecting data for PCs and laptops so you can cut the time you spend reacting to desktop issues and keep everyone productive. With this System Center solution you can:

  • Monitor PCs and laptops for software and hardware alerts like application health, operating system health, disk space usage
  • Reference provided troubleshooting information to diagnose and resolve issues if a problem should arise. In many cases there are in-line links to click and remotely fix issues
  • Centrally configure update policies to deploy Microsoft AND third-party software updates, plus things like BIOS and other hardware updates
  • Automatically gather hardware and software inventory for all your managed PCs and laptops
  • Easily and quickly package and deploy MSI and EXE based software including the Office suite of products – no more time consuming long roll-outs to branches and remote offices
  • Quickly and safely back-up and restore your Windows based laptops and PCs

Let’s be careful out there…

 David Mills
Sr. Product Manager
System Center
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