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As TechEd Berlin passes the mid point and all the team start to finish their sessions, customer meetings, interviews and demonstrations, it starts to sink in how much fun, and how successful this week has been. 

The event sold out, in an economic climate where travel, training and events are experiencing all time pressure.  Over 7300 people joined us here in Berlin.  The sessions have all been full, turning people away at the door, to avoid fire hazards.  Extra staff have been roaming the halls and rooms, helping get every seat filled in the rooms, and hosting those outside the doors by running spontaneous QA for them.  This has made the sessions electric.

The product pods have been very busy.  The hands on labs are full.  It just seems that this event is full of people passionate about learning, training, and making the most of our time together, and their access to so many experts.

We also have started showing more clarity on our futures.  The next BIG wave of System Center technologies is rolling into public view, and the excitement is incredible.

It has been such a fun week, and there have been so many responsible for making it happen.  Thank you to the #TEEE09 team, the support and vendor staff, the event AV people who made sure our videos, demos and decks worked, and everyone else who travelled to Berlin.  You guys are rock stars and this event wouldn’t be anything without you. 

Time to finish this Lauwarmer Apfelstrudel mit Vanilleels (warm Apple strudel), Ein Kannchen heibe Schokolade (German Hot Chocolate), check in online and get home.

More videos coming, here are 2 behind the scenes from the big main keynote. 




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