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We are in a series of conversations this week with Utility Companies from North America.  The discussions are really interesting.  This week we spoke with our Virtual Team members in MSIT (our internal IT department ) and the Puget Sound Energy company.  The PSE is a Pacific  Northwest utility provider and Microsoft is their customer (MSIT). 

We talked today about what kind of information a utility company needs to receive from an organization in order to qualify  for a rebate.  For example, the PSE has a series of guidelines that an organization needs to adhere to/ follow, or prove through an application form.  For example, proof of a management technology, and where the machines are managed are major criteria (among others) .  For example, laptops travel, and are not always on the grid where the organizations are based, or asking for a rebate.  That gets challenging for a rebate program.  Power Management technology can be more tricky than a utility company providing a rebate for say a solar panel on your roof.  Its easy to see a solar panel year over year.  The emphasis is on the strength of the reporting in IT. 

Rebate programs for Power Management are not consistent worldwide.  A large number of US utilities provide these, but this is in direct relation to how cheap power is in North America compared to other parts of the world.  For example, UK, Europe are much higher power costs.  The lower the cost of power, the more demand there is for power. The more the demand the bigger strain on infrastructure, and the larger the need to manage power efficiency, enter stage left rebate programs.

We continue to talk to our friends at the utility companies, and learn about how they view technology and power management.  It is really refreshing to hear their point of view, and learn how they think of this space.

Watch for more on this topic, we are continuing to schedule discussions over the coming weeks and I plan to share with you what we find……If you are joining us for TechEd Europe in Berlin this November we will also be delivering a ‘System Center and the Green Client’ session, hope to see you there.

If you are involved in any of these types of discussions with your own utility organizations I would love to hear from you.

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