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Just occurred to me to give you a little info on the new branding/logo you’ve probably been seeing here and there for System Center and other products. At TechEd in Orlando this year, the new server branding was unveiled, boasting a new set of logos and design patterns for Microsoft server products. One thing you might note about it is the new System Center got its own set, using the unifying “dynamic grid” element you see to the right of the logo and more generally in backgrounds, etc. You can see it in action over here.

To some extent this creates a looser federation of brands than I *think* was originally imagined with the lapsed “Windows Server System” brand: establishing and linking the main families of server products without attempting to make a case for systematic integration. For further info on the brand and its new elements, check out this post from the SQL Server team.

Anyway, do let us know what you think–I rather like it, but then, my opinion doesn’t matter too much in the scheme of things–what matters are the brand perceptions and expectations of our customers. A brand, as much as it might be guided by the entity that produces it, ultimately belongs to the customers and is given power by them.

– dave //