Hybrid Cloud


Stuff to help you connect online with people and resources… I was a part of the team that was building these services a while back, and now I’m happy to report they’ve really started to bring it together. Here’s some text from the official (internal: shhhhhh!) announcement:

Today Microsoft announced a preview of new social bookmarking capabilities for MSDN, TechNet and Expression as part of an expanded effort to open these sites up to the technical community.  Social Bookmarks allow members of the community to bookmark any URL on the web, apply tags, and save bookmarks in the new My Bookmarks tool. All bookmarks, bookmarkers, and tags are enabled as links and can be “surfed” to discover new content and people. Social bookmarks are also integrated into the new Profile page and give every member of the community a new way to increase their visibility, impact, and influence.

Check out the new TechNet Bookmarks and Forums (to which we’ll be migrating very soon our System Center set). Expect us to drive adoption and uptake on these tools in the coming months, as we continue to revamp and fill out our new TechNet presence. For additional fun, I challenge you all to go out there and tag all things System Center-related on the Web and add to this nascent list of System Center-tagged bookmarks.

For further information on the new features, check out John Martin’s blog.

And finally, a shout out to Taylor Parsons for sticking with it and delivering on the Tagspace dream.

– dave //