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Here’s what people are saying about System Center Products.

During Microsoft Management Summit 2008, Bob Muglia, senior vice president of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft, outlined the company’s dynamic datacenter strategy. Part of Microsoft’s strategy is to expand its virtualization capabilities and to deliver automated management of heterogeneous IT environments. “At Microsoft we are helping redefine what it means to do IT management in the enterprise with the new capabilities we are announcing today,” Muglia said. “By taking our knowledge of the Windows environment and expanding it to address heterogeneous management needs across platforms, applications, hardware and virtualization, we are opening up a new level of opportunity for companies to drive greater efficiency, responsiveness and value for their business.”
Systems Center Operations Manager 2007: Management Leaps Ahead – Joanne Cummings, Redmond 05-05-2008
It was 7:30 on a Friday night and Scott Moon had just sat down to dinner at a nice restaurant with his wife and children. That’s when he realized the value of his company’s recent move to System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007. “SCOM sent me an alert that one of our Web servers was unreachable by ping,” says Moon, an enterprise systems architect at Word & Brown Insurance Administrators Inc. in Orange, Calif. The alert stated the tool had first tried to reach its internal health service. When that was unavailable, it tried to ping the machine. That didn’t work either.
Microsoft announced that the beta release of Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (VMM 2008 ) will now provide the ability to manage Microsoft Virtual Server, Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and VMware ESX platforms as part of the expanding Microsoft System Center family of products. … This beta is available for download now from Microsoft. The release is a welcome addition to the growing management space for virtualization platforms, including cross-platform solutions.
Microsoft’s infrastructure management aspirations – Denise Dubie, NetworkWorld 05-07-2008
Microsoft wants to change a key number in the systems management market: the big four. Microsoft last week at its Microsoft Management Summit conference detailed its plans to become a cross-platform systems management vendor to compete with the likes of BMC, CA, HP and IBM. Microsoft is by no means the first vendor to challenge the status quo of management software, but like EMC, Symantec and other established vendors it could have the customer base and back account to make its mark.
Of Flying Pigs – Kerrie Meyler, Network World 05-07-2008
Yes, Las Vegas is generally an interesting place without shows above and beyond its regular fare. But the 2008 Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) had its own debut – pigs with wings. Now these were not live pigs, but four inches long by three inches high, complete with wings … and sunglasses. And big smiles on their faces, being hurled by eager Microsofties into a cheering audience. What was this about? Its often said that when Microsoft announced it was going open source, “pigs would fly” … okay, you get it. The other saying at MMS this year was “well we tried to freeze this place over, but Las Vegas is too hot.”