Save time with Excel shortcuts

If you’ve spent any time with Excel, you probably know that the Enter key advances you to the next cell in a column, and the arrow keys move your focus to the next cell in any direction. Here are some lesser known shortcuts you may want to add to your repertoire: Fill down: Ctrl+D Fill…


No rabbits needed: Pull these IE9 tricks out of your hat

Here, presented for your entertainment (and for the benefit of anyone who values your productivity, organization, or creative flair), are five downright magical tricks built right into Internet Explorer 9. Stash these tricks up your sleeve or in your hat, then pull them out as needed—and treat yourself (and anyone who’s watching) to a truly…


Add popular commands to your Office 2010 ribbons

The Office team has compiled customers’ favorite commands across all Office 2010 applications, which you can download to add as a Favorites tab in Access, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, and Word. For example, the Favorites tab in Word puts Save, Send, Properties, Spelling & Grammar, Quick Print, Word Options and other…


Save time with Outlook shortcuts

If you’ve been using Outlook for a long time, you probably know the basic shortcuts: New message: Ctrl+N Mark message read: Ctrl+Q Mark message unread: Ctrl+U Delete item: Ctrl+D or Delete Check for new mail: Ctrl+M or F9 And if you’ve been reading this blog, you know about the two useful shortcuts involving the V…


Using Actions in Office 2010

If you’re an old pro at Office, you may be wondering what happened to Smart Tags when you upgraded to Office 2010. They have been renamed Actions, and you have a lot of flexibility in how you use them. Actions are also less obtrusive. There’s no longer an icon that pops up when Office detects…


Five ways Windows 7 frees up your time

People like to become more productive for varying reasons. Some want to get to The Top, wherever that is, more rapidly. Others have a mission they fervently want to fulfill—the sooner, the better. And some of us just want to make more time for a workout at the gym, or quality time with the family….


Top-secret Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts unmasked

Simply because I can, I herewith expose little-known but potentially powerful forces at work—in this case, five keyboard shortcuts that could simplify or enrich all our lives. I leave it to the world to decide what to do with this declassified intelligence. + Tab: Desktop Cirque de Soleil. Hold down the key and begin tapping…


Create wiki links in OneNote

If you’ve ever worked on a wiki, you’ll appreciate this next tip. And if you haven’t, this brief intro will make you a faster linker in OneNote 2010 and ready to start authoring collaboratively should you ever find a wiki in need of tending. Sure, you can link sections in OneNote the traditional way. But…


Internet Explorer 8 Toolbars: It’s wise to customize

What kind of world would we have if everyone browsed the same way? No spice. No verve. Less joy. Luckily, Internet Explorer presents us all with an array of modern, tasteful, and—most importantly—customizable toolbars, designed to let each of us create an Internet workspace that fits like a glove. Just so we’re clear. Those toolbars…


Get there faster with Internet Explorer shortcuts

There are those who will say that, when browsing the Internet, it’s all about the journey. Whether that’s true for you or you just want to get in and get back out with useful information, these keyboard shortcuts will help. Zoom: Ctrl + and -. Sometimes, the words and pictures are just a touch too…