Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1 now available

If you’re running Office for Mac 2011, you can now download Service Pack 1. New features include performance improvements, Excel Solver integration, Outlook server rules, mail redirects and resends, and support for Apple Sync Services including iPhone and iPad. Note: If you use the MobileMe service, you should review these details on sync support. Suzanne


New Year’s resolutions you can resolve with Office and Windows

It’s 2011, and if you’re like me, you know there are some things you should have mastered last year that you didn’t get to – so you resolve to tackle them when the calendar rolls over. Here are 65 popular tasks we frequently hear that customers want to learn – and which Productivity Hub can…


Outlook Rules That Rule: Get important mails forwarded while on vacation

I know you’re probably on vacation right now, trying not to check your mail. But what if an important mail comes in while you’re gone. Are you the sort of person who would want to read it right away, even if you’re off on an exotic beach or family trip? We’ve looked at how to…


Writing a good Out of Office message (and how to set it)

When you’re on vacation or holiday, it’s wise to set an Out of Office message (abbreviated as OOF). Here are some tips to writing a good one: Provide the dates that you are unavailable. If it’s only a partial day, provide the time you expect to be back on mail. Describe whether you will have…


Get notified when people read your e-mails

Have you ever wondered if people are reading your messages? Perhaps you want to follow-up with a coworker when they start reviewing that document you sent them. Fortunately, Outlook 2007 can provide read receipts that let you know when your mails are opened. To turn this on, go to the Tools menu, select Options, and…


Color your Outlook mails with categories

If you’re a visual person, you might appreciate this next tip. You can organize your e-mails visually in Outlook 2007 with color-coded categories. First, click this four-color button on your Outlook toolbar and then select All Categories from the dropdown list: This opens the Color Categories dialog box, where you can rename the default categories,…


Outlook Rules That Rule – Forward mails based on keywords

I keep a lookout for useful Outlook rules (and anything else that keeps my Inbox manageable) and recently stumbled across a great, practical one. If you receive mails from customers or other sources that require a response or action and have team members who are subject matter experts to help you deal with them, you…


Outlook Rules: Forward mails to a mobile device or alternative e-mail address

If you don’t have remote access to your Outlook mail account or if you like to monitor a different email address when you’re out of the office, you can set up a rule to forward mails from the most important people in your work life. First, make sure the email address where you want to…


Outlook Rules That Rule: Autoreplies done two ways

Ever wished you could automatically send replies to people who write to you or a specific mailing list that you receive? For instance, you could immediately send a message to customers trying to reach your team and provide answers to frequently asked questions to try to help them right away. This might be a list…


Outlook Rules That Rule: Automatically flag messages for follow-up

Last week I wrote a post about email subject lines. One of the tips was to use a word to indicate to your co-workers that you needed them to do something with the information in the email, such as ‘Action.’ If you have established this shorthand within your team, you can easily use Outlook rules…