Five ways Windows 7 frees up your time

People like to become more productive for varying reasons. Some want to get to The Top, wherever that is, more rapidly. Others have a mission they fervently want to fulfill—the sooner, the better. And some of us just want to make more time for a workout at the gym, or quality time with the family….


An Interview with the Windows 7 Start Menu

Another candid encounter with a Windows 7 feature. I can’t believe my good luck: last minute reservations at the hottest place in town—and I even get a Window table. My lunchtime interview with a genuine power broker in the Windows world—Start menu—gets the setting it deserved. He shows up right on time, checking his watch…


Get organized with Windows 7 libraries

There are those among us who carefully lay out hierarchies of folders, each clearly named, in which to store the many documents we create. These folks can very quickly access, for example, the budget spreadsheets from Q2, three years ago, for the Southwest region engineering departments. Or whatever else they need. These lucky people probably…


New Year’s resolutions you can resolve with Office and Windows

It’s 2011, and if you’re like me, you know there are some things you should have mastered last year that you didn’t get to – so you resolve to tackle them when the calendar rolls over. Here are 65 popular tasks we frequently hear that customers want to learn – and which Productivity Hub can…


Embed the file path in your Word documents

This next tip is for you if you’ve ever looked at a printed Word document and wondered, "Where is the file for this?" It’s a simple task to embed the file path directly into your Word files so you can tell at a glance where you saved them – whether it’s on your hard drive…


Find what you need faster in Windows 7

Those of us who dream of a faster, more efficient search experience—and who doesn’t?—are seeing our dreams come true with Windows 7. First, we’re all waking up to search that runs much, much faster than with previous Windows versions. I could go on and on about the carefully engineered, constantly updated indexing that’s behind this…


Make your documents easier to spot with thumbnails

If you’re a visual person, you’ll appreciate this next tip. Did you know that your Microsoft Office 2007 documents can be saved with thumbnail images? Then, when you view the files in Windows Explorer or the Open dialog box using Medium Icons or larger, you’ll see a small picture of the beginning of your document….


Staying organized with Windows 7 Libraries

Files and folders are great for keeping everything neatly organized, yes? But sometimes you might want to see or locate the items in those folders in different ways. As in: "I wish I could see all my Customer-related documents in one place." How can you do it? With libraries, new in Windows 7. These handy…


Keeping desktop clutter at bay with Windows 7

With multi-tasking, the lifestyle of choice in cube farms everywhere, most of us keep a virtual pile of programs and documents and shortcuts on our Windows desktops. We know where everything is—sort of. It’s on the desktop (somewhere). The trick is focusing on what we need for the task at hand, while blocking out the…


Help Search find your documents when you need them

Do you forget where you put things? I think most of us do, and it’s not because we’re getting older (although that doesn’t help). Most of us are busier than ever, and we’re so busy juggling projects that it can be tough to remember exactly where we saved a particular document or what we named…