Give yourself more room to work in Outlook

Depending on what you’re working on throughout the day, you may want to de-clutter your view in Outlook to focus just on the task at hand. To hide the Ribbon, just click up arrow on the right side of the Ribbon or press Ctrl+F1: Don’t worry, you can quickly toggle it back when you need…


Save time with Outlook shortcuts

If you’ve been using Outlook for a long time, you probably know the basic shortcuts: New message: Ctrl+N Mark message read: Ctrl+Q Mark message unread: Ctrl+U Delete item: Ctrl+D or Delete Check for new mail: Ctrl+M or F9 And if you’ve been reading this blog, you know about the two useful shortcuts involving the V…


Automatically close mails when responding in Outlook

If you find Outlook getting cluttered with windows when you’re replying to mails, there’s an easy way to clean things up. This works in both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Just go to File, Options and select the Mail tab. (For Office 2007, use the Office button.) Now scroll down to Replies and forwards and…


Automatically download images from trusted senders in Outlook 2010

When receiving HTML emails, you know doubt have noticed that Outlook 2010 blocks images by default, like so: The reason is to protect you from identifying your account is active when opening messages from unscrupulous spammers, who will detect when you open the message and increase the assault on your mail account. Loading an image…


Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1 now available

If you’re running Office for Mac 2011, you can now download Service Pack 1. New features include performance improvements, Excel Solver integration, Outlook server rules, mail redirects and resends, and support for Apple Sync Services including iPhone and iPad. Note: If you use the MobileMe service, you should review these details on sync support. Suzanne


Check the readability of your Word documents and Outlook mails

You may have heard the marketing rule that when writing for a general audience, you should aim for an 8th grade reading level. This not only helps your message get out to people who are less educated, it can reach customers who are learning English as a second language and, in general, can help you…


Five ways Windows 7 frees up your time

People like to become more productive for varying reasons. Some want to get to The Top, wherever that is, more rapidly. Others have a mission they fervently want to fulfill—the sooner, the better. And some of us just want to make more time for a workout at the gym, or quality time with the family….


Office 365 public beta is now available

The cloud-based version of Microsoft Office and related services, called Office 365, is now in public beta. This means you can sign up to try the subscription service, which offers your favorite Office applications plus SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync services via the Web using most devices. This delivers unprecedented access to your documents, e-mail, calendars,…


Add impact to your Outlook emails with shapes and clip art

Whether it’s for the office team-building offsite event or the weekly sales status summary, a quick way to add impact to your emails is with the Insert tab in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. You can add shapes, such as arrows, flowcharts, and word balloons: And search through clip art for the perfect image from…


Force recipients to Reply All in Outlook

Have you ever sent a mail and asked that recipients use Reply All, only to have some people respond just to you? Then YOU have to forward the mail to the rest of the group. Thankfully, there is a way to force Outlook to send replies to a specific list of recipients regardless of whether…