Formula Watch: COUNT your cells the easy way

If you want to get a quick count of your cells, you probably use the Excel status bar. But if you want to include the results in a report or summary, there’s an even better way: the COUNT function. There are all sorts of applications for this. You can use it to count how many…


Filter or remove duplicates from your Excel data

If you’re wading through your Excel data and find a lot of redundant entries, you have two options to narrow your focus. You can filter and hide any duplicate rows, or just delete any repeated entries completely. Best of all, these work in both Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. First, let’s look at the less…


Create a custom view of your data in Access on SharePoint

Awhile back, we shared how to publish your Access database to SharePoint. Once you and your team are working in it, you may find things a bit overwhelming. There may be different fields for different teams, and – unlike with Excel – you can’t lock the first column to keep your bearings. No worries, there’s…


Excelling at Excel – Getting started with PivotTables: fields and areas

Last week, we overcame one of the main obstacles to understanding and getting good value out of Excel PivotTables: optimizing your data. With that done, let’s look at the fields required to make a useful PivotTable. If you followed along with my example, you should have an empty PivotTable with all of your fields available….


Excelling at Excel – Use Filters to home in on the data you need

If you have a lot of data in an Excel worksheet, you should generally activate filters to make it more manageable to use. To do so, simply select any cell in the worksheet that contains data, click over to the Data tab, and click the Filter button. Your top row (usually a header row) will…


Excelling at Excel – Hidden cells and subtotals

When you’re working in complex Excel workbooks, you may feel like you’re getting lost in the clutter. There is a way to hide what you don’t need to see so you can focus on the data you’re really working with. To hide a column or row, right-click its letter or number and select Hide from…


Productivity defined

Productivity. That word is thrown around more than a tennis ball at Wimbledon. But what does it mean? It means different things to different people, but my definition is to make my work process easy, so that I can get things done without thinking too much about the tools I use. I’ll give you an…