Give yourself more room to work in Outlook

Depending on what you're working on throughout the day, you may want to de-clutter your view in Outlook to focus just on the task at hand.

To hide the Ribbon, just click up arrow on the right side of the Ribbon or press Ctrl+F1:

Hide the Ribbon

Don't worry, you can quickly toggle it back when you need it. You can do the same to the right pane by clicking the arrow at the top of the To-Do Bar:

Minimize the To-Do Bar

And likewise minimize or expand the Navigation Pane:

Expand the Navigation Pane

These panes and bars also can be adjusted from the View tab, along with the Reading Pane:

Hide the Reading Pane

You can also further customize these bars and panes by selecting and choosing Options. For instance, the To-Do Bar can display more than one month and hide all-day events and private calendar items:

To-Do Bar Options

Take a look at the layout choices you have, and truly make Outlook your own.


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  1. Chris Balauag says:

    HELP!!!  Can someone please do something with my Outlook?  It is vey, very slow.  Am I the only one with this problem in Windows 7?  It was not like this with the old Windows program.  Thanks.

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