Save time with Excel shortcuts

If you've spent any time with Excel, you probably know that the Enter key advances you to the next cell in a column, and the arrow keys move your focus to the next cell in any direction. Here are some lesser known shortcuts you may want to add to your repertoire:

Fill down: Ctrl+D

Fill right: Ctrl+R

Create chart in new tab from selected cells: F11

Insert today's date: Ctrl+semicolon

Insert current time: Ctrl+colon

Enter hyperlink: Ctrl+K

Access Name Manager: Ctrl+F3

Add blank cells: Ctrl+plus

Delete cells: Ctrl+hyphen

Also, if you have a value that you want entered into a number of cells, select all of your target cells, type it, and then use Ctrl+Enter to fill all of them.


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  1. Virginia Siebenrok says:

    Great tips. I also use ALT+ENTER to skpi the line inside the cell all the time.

  2. The Code Cage Team says:

    In addition to this great tip we have a FULL list of every shortcut…etc available here…/excel-keyboard-shortcuts

  3. Adrian says:

    Pressing 'End' then any of the arrow keys will move you to the last filled/empty space in that direction.

    Holding 'Shift', pressing 'End' then the arrow will select all cells in that direction until the last filled/empty cell.

    CTRL+'Page Up/Down' moves to the next tab

    Holding Shift while CTRL+PgUp will select multiple tabs

    When multiple tabs are selected you can edit vales and formats across all tabs at the same time… be careful as you could delete data without realising!

    Values can be 'summed' between sheets.  Example, if you have 1 sheet per month (calles Jan, Feb, Mar…Dec), with the total sales figure for that month in Cell E25 then you can get the Yearly Sales by using the formula




  4. Mary O says:

    I am taking stats classes along with budgeting and discovering these shortcuts is like finding a small gold mine.  Thank you Thank you

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