Add impact to your Outlook emails with shapes and clip art

Whether it's for the office team-building offsite event or the weekly sales status summary, a quick way to add impact to your emails is with the Insert tab in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

You can add shapes, such as arrows, flowcharts, and word balloons:


And search through clip art for the perfect image from right inside your email message:

Clip Art

Here's a fun example that I created in less than a minute using a shape and clip art picture from

Email with shape and clip art

All I did was this: Insert the callout shape, type and bold the text inside the balloon, search and select a clip art image, and then give it a quick 180-degree flip using a right click, Format Picture, and 3-D Rotation.

Format Picture, 3-D Rotation

The good news is that the recipient doesn't even need to be using Outlook; most modern email clients display images. So take a moment to consider the presentation of your mails and be creative.


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    For Outlook 2011 where is the insert for clip art?

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